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About Us

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Hi I’m Vrinda Mangla, founder of FLOURSHA, a passion project turned profession, born out of my eternal love for florals and flourishes! Aimed at creating all things hand painted, my Delhi based studio houses décor and serving ware products, commissioned canvases and tiny plants.


I’ve been painting for as far as I can stretch my memory. Even during graduation from a top tier DU college in Economics, a subject chosen because you have to have a “Solid Backup Degree”, my connect with art remained strong. Having spent more time in college painting the largest canvases we could find, to scourging for old furniture to turn into art installations, I knew for sure art and design were the way forward.


Floursha was a natural progression towards the idea of creating functional art that was personal, something that reminds the user that a human made it with skill, thought and care. 


Flea markets and shopping exhibitions were the go to destination for my fledgling brand. So naturally, my business hugely felt the ripples of the tsunami that this pandemic was. My focus shifted more towards building my brand online through social media and online marketplaces. Today my work is listed on 4 amazing platforms and it has helped me reach people all over the country! Crafting these products by hand is a rewarding and fulfilling process. Its amazing how much trust and appreciation a stranger can shower on a small local business. 

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